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Has anything surprisingly remained the same in both the 2022 and 1992 World Cups so far?

By, Zeeshan Ahmed Khan
  • 07 Nov, 2022
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These claims of Social media users are not insignificant as there are many similarities between the two World Cups.

So let's take a look at what these two tournaments have in common so far ahead of the World Cup final.
Defeated by Australia
Before the 1992 World Cup, the semi-final of the 1987 World Cup was played at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan, in which Australia defeated Pakistan by 18 runs.
Now talk about this World Cup, before T20 World Cup 2022, Pakistan had to face defeat against Australia in the semi-final of 2021, in which Australia defeated Pakistan by 5 wickets.

Defeated on the same ground in the first matches of the tournament

In the 1992 World Cup, Pakistan's first match was against West Indies, West Indies defeated Pakistan by 10 wickets at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In the opening of the 2022 T20 World Cup, the Pakistani team was also defeated by India and both times the ground was in Melbourne.

Defeated by India

In the 1992 World Cup, India defeated Pakistan by 43 runs at the Sydney Cricket Ground, while in 2022, India also defeated Pakistan by 4 wickets.

Another thing that has been similar in both the World Cups so far is the Pakistan team's three consecutive victories.

Three Wins in a ROW

Semi-final berths decided on the last day
Both times, Pakistan's access to the semi-finals was decided on the very last day and at the last chance. In 1992, in the match against England, where rain was a mercy, Pakistan defeated New Zealand and looked at Australia's victory. Fortune took care of Pakistan and Australia defeated West Indies to clear the way for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals.

Something similar happened this time as well and after the defeat by Zimbabwe, while Pakistan's eyes were on the victory against Bangladesh, it also depended on the defeat of India or South Africa, and on the last day to reach the semi-finals, the decision was once again Pakistan's. In favor, the Netherlands beat South Africa to clear the way for Pakistan in the semi-finals, and then in the next match, Pakistan beat Bangladesh to make it to the top four teams.