Sindh Police, 15 Crore, Larkana Karachi, Pakistan

The investigation into the accounts of 3 policemen in Larkana has been completed in the case of Rs 15 crore being deposited in their accounts.

By, Zeeshan Ahmed Khan
  • 07 Nov, 2022
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According to the police officials, the investigation into the accounts of the three policemen has been completed.
He also said that due to a technical fault in the bank's ATM, the wrong balance was published on the receipt.
On the other hand, the bank manager said that the ATM card of the staff was blocked when the period of the ATM expired.
He said that due to the fault of the ATM, instead of the bank code, this number was printed on the slip in the form of a balance of crores. The bank manager said that new ATM cards have been given to the three officials after the completion of the police inquiry.
He also said that these three officials have received their salaries from the new ATM.