Although the benefits of promotional products are immeasurable, many business owners are still hesitant to invest in promotional products for their business. Common complaints are that promotional products are expensive, a waste of money and don’t provide any additional value. However, promotional products branded with your company’s logo should be considered an investment and should receive a portion of your company’s marketing budget. WHY SHOULD A BUSINESS INVEST IN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTSIf you’re not using branded promotional products in your advertising campaign, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing tool. Giving away promotional items is a surefire way to draw attention and increase awareness of your brand. By associating your business with a reliable brand image, you give customers something concrete that they can trust. WHAT ARE THE ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT) COMPARED TO OTHER ADVERTISING MEDIAPromotional products offer a better ROI than almost any other type of marketing out there, including television ads. One way to calculate ROI is through the cost-per-impression, or the average amount of money that is spent for a campaign compared to the number of times someone sees the advertisement. For example, the average cost-per-impression for a promotional baseball cap is only 0.002 cents. That’s one-fifth of a cent for each impression! The figure is about the same for personalized calendars, logo bags, and three-dollar custom pens. Shirts have an average cost per impression of 0.005, or half a cent.Promotional products can potentially save money and increase traffic because they’re relatively inexpensive and they have been proven to bring in customers and increase profits. This combination creates a high ROI. Research has also shown that many people have more positive views of companies after they send them promotional products. The majority of people, 62 percent on average, also report that they have done business with someone after receiving a promotional item from them.HOW TO INVEST IN PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTSA trained promotional products advisor knows how to discern the value and quality of products, regardless of their price points. He or she can help guide you to make decisions based on how a product is constructed and whether or not the materials themselves are of high quality. Many advisors have actually visited supplier plants and know first-hand of their quality-inspection processes, reliability, guarantee structures, etc. They may also know the probable frequency of exposure that each product type yields, and can help you compare cost per impression for your product options.GET PROFESSIONAL ADVICEAt Digitized Logos Inc., we place our customers on first position, even before profitability, our success depends on the success of our customer’s promotional products campaign, as such, we only deliver the best and also guide you through your promotional products investment, give us a call today or send us an email so that you can go through your requirements and make you the best possible offer based on your requirements and budget.Thanks for reading – Jean Pierre Francois – Business Development Manager – Digitized Logos Inc. –

Promotional items are mostly used in events. What are the most popular promotional items? We all know that promotional products play a vital role in your overall campaign when planning trade show for activities to meet your goal. Your goal can be selling services or products, and promotional items can never be an afterthought to accomplish it.When you distribute items to your customers, your mission is to capture their attention and interest for your brand. You send messages and emails to everyone purposely to advertise your brand. After speaking to professionals and knowing about their ideas about unique promotional items we have created a list for you. Following ten everyday objects can work great for promotional giveaways.Writing tools – You genuinely can’t go wrong totting your company name to the casks of promotional pencils and pens. These items are used by everybody and every day in the workplace or to make a grocery list. With this idea in mind, you can have pencils and pens in the college bookstore, office supply room or cup next to your register. How many of us can avoid writing instruments through an entire day? Almost 50% of U.S clients use branded pencil or pen every day!Tote bags – If you have been going to travel shows, they can be exercises of possession. Although, they’re also a great way to advertise your business. Tote bags are the best things to offer in your trade show as they keep an attendee’s pamphlets, brochures and other stuff in one place. In the meantime, displaying your logo when they are taken from booth to booth. If you offer canvas totes, your brand will quash the carbon footprint of plastic. Averagely, a reusable bag has a longer life than over 700 disposable bags.Stress balls – From bearing the heavy traffic on the road to running out of water in the shower, a typical day can be full of unwanted tension. People use squishy stress balls as a relief for their stress. You can add a catchy message to one in some different shape. These giveaways are cheap and add a little bit personality to your marketing strategy. Approximately, 40 million people suffer from stress and anxiety.Sunglasses – Tropical vacations are not finished without a trendy bathing suit, a fruity drink and traditional sunglasses. Make your company part of sunshine and market with a classy pair of sunglasses. Your clients will rock them at a community picnic, backyard barbeque, music festival or any other event. Roughly 100 million pairs of sunglasses are traded in the United States every year. They not only look stylish but also protect against UV rays.Drinkware – It is imperative to stay hydrated with active lifestyles and busy routines. You can give your attendees something they can use daily by handing out promotional drinkware. Your logo will be noticed by people on the water bottles or coffee mugs. On average, logoed drinkware is used twice or thrice by the people of the United States.Sticky notes and journals – We’ve learned at a young age that notetaking is very important. Sitting at our desk at school, noting down important stuff and doodling while getting bored. Professionals also do this in a meeting which is a great reason to advertise with sticky notes and branded notebooks on your events. It’s an exceptional way to stay on track and increase productivity.Lunch bags – Your brand can have a spectacular place in the cafeteria with custom lunch bags. Students and professionals can talk about your brand with people who join them at the table. You can demonstrate that you have outstanding taste by promoting your brand with every meal.Custom Hats – Custom hats put your brand top of mind to everybody who receives it. Whether you give a baseball cap, a kit beany or plastic visor to your customers, people love these giveaways and keep them for a long time.41% of US clients own hats with an advertising slogan or a logo. These promotional items can be given to both the men and women for being versatile and attractive.Tech accessories – Everybody uses technology like iPhone, tablet, smartphone or laptop from a toddler to grandma. Everybody takes the device wherever he/she goes, that brings tech accessories a perfect way to promote your company. You can print your log on earbuds or phone stands and can get enough brand exposure.Company Apparel – You can change the entire look of your office by printing your company name or logo on jackets, polos or other corporate apparels. If you don’t like the concept of uniforms, this professional dress up is key at tradeshows. T-shirts can also be customized as casual wear for weekends. Your employees can wear this apparel on events. Customized apparels can make your clients walking billboards for your company.If you are looking for a specific promotional items or should you require further assistance, please contact us anytime using either our live chat (available from 9:00am to 5:30pm EST from Monday to Friday); call us on (301) 963-3553 or simply use our contact page to send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

Promotional giveaways are an innovative, cost-effective and reliable way of building brand awareness and promoting the industry. They are great to bring in new buyers or to reward an existing base for trade show giveaways. Not every product is generated in equal measure though. Whereas, marketing is important for quality, vision, and execution. The following are some of the most common mistakes that people make when selling promotional products.Poor Quality Items  Even if the products are free of cost to customers, they do not want a poor quality promotional item. Just think, if people are given a pen that does not write well, they will discard it right away. The power of marketing items can make or break your customers’ relationship. Thus, a strong bond can be built with your clients with good quality promotional products that go for a long period of time.  Instead, if you invest in pens that look of good quality and works well would help you in earning returning clients. Thus, in this way, increase brand visibility as well as a trust in your recipients. As trust score promotions to ensure that promotional marketing materials are of high quality. A Poorly Designed or Positioned Logo  The imprinted or logo is the cherry on the cake. The logo must be imprinted in a way that should be visible at the first glace easily. Take some time to think like a customer or part of the public that would reach you after having a look at your logo. Thus, it should be easy to find the logo or business name. Also, the size should not be too small. For this, one must hire a Promotional Product Company that would help in increasing brand visibility. As a promotional product company will not only help you in increasing brand awareness but also give you a satisfactory consultancy by giving perfect ideas according to your business. An Unsuccessful Distribution Plan  The key to an effective marketing strategy is to understand the targeted audience first. For instance, you cannot leave a promotional tote bag on a trade show tent table and call it a day. Rather, a vision or strategy for how to deliver promo products is crucial to the success of a marketing campaign. Moreover, You should decide how to pay out goods in a trade show tent or consider using the promotional products to complement a customer’s order or reward loyalty. Final Thought  Marketing is a kind of art form. Promotional items are a smart strategy for businesses looking to increase customer loyalty and grow their market. Taking some time to think through your organization’s priorities means you can choose the best promo goods. These products are one of the poorest ways of creating branding and getting the word out about goods and services. Thus, do not rush the process, choose the best quality according to your budget and build a long term relationship with your clients with trust and loyalty. Also, for a good imprint and logo, contact the Digitized Logos and get your logo to expand proudly.