Protect, Eye Sight , Computer User, Warning

Protect your eyesight, Warning To computer users

By, Zeeshan Ahmed Khan
  • 08 Nov, 2022
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Dry eyes along with visual impairment and eye strain are common problems among computer users. Computer users also blink less than non-computer users.
(Non-computer users blink at least 22 times a minute while computer users blink only 7 times a minute.)
Another important thing is the small muscles found in the eyes that control the task of focusing on any object). They work only when they are far from the fixed object. Focusing on a very close object puts these muscles under constant tension.

Computer users should take a break after every 20 minutes to rest their eyes and look out the window.
Adjust the monitor accordingly. Adjust the monitor so that the eyelid covers the maximum part of the pupil of the eye. This will minimize the pressure on the eye. Blink your eyelids as much as possible. Take good care of air and light and make your working environment pleasant. All these things will also help to reduce problems like dry eyes, poor vision, and eye fatigue even while using the computer.