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Before using Blackboard we have raised number of questions like what is Zactra Blackboard , Where to use it and why to use it and many more. Lets have a look at the following discussions that may answer your questions so lets get start.

Zactra blackboard is an online student portal for all the educational institute providing centralized access in terms of class activities and roles involving in an institute. We have several roles but lets discus on a general product which is applicable in all schools, collages and universities. There are three major roles dealing with class activities which are listed here

** Admin
** Instructor
** Student

Above mentioned roles are the roles normally involved in an educational system where admin controls the complete institute or a department and instructors are involved in all those classes which are assigned them by instructor and students are bounded by the environment of a class.

By having all above discussion we have a conclusion that an educational system contains some series of steps and Zactra is providing a centralized information system to those educational institute to manage their classes and department in a structured way.

We are providing a complete system to all the educational institutes to manage class activities where some of them are listed here

** Course outlines
** Class announcements
** Daily attendance system
** Daily Diary System
** Online Assignment,quizzes , Exams etc.
** Online Submissions
** Centralize grading system
** Files sharing system with some limitations in size
** Online time table
** Online date sheets
** Communication system between students and instructors
** Profile Managing system

Zactra Blackboard is offering all above features with a centralized access in a web systems along with mobile application system for all roles.
To run your institute in a professional way you must need to have a centralized access which is provided by Zactra Blackboard so highly recommended to to get start with Zactra Blackboard system.

There is a very simple way to launch this system in your institute by just mailing us at our email address by giving your information about your institute and get started today.

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