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Blackboard- Zactra
We are providing our blackard server for free of cost.

Zactra Pvt Inc. is offerring an amazing and attarctive blackboard service for free of cost. To get register your institute with this service Just Click Here.

1- Introduction

Blackboard is a platform dealing with all activities involving in a class or an institute. We are providing a centralize web and android platform that records all information about the class like student’s data , teacher’s data and class activities data for example diary, attendance, time table etc. increasing number of software system everyone is moving towards automated systems. To fulfill demand of people we are providing a free online portal system. Let’s discuss the functional parts and breakdown of our online blackboard.

1.1- System breakdowns

System break down is a process in which we distribute our system into different roles.

  1. Admin
  2. Instructor
  3. Student
All above mentioned roles have different controls and functionalities to perform.

Admin Role

Admin is the most important role where from a system for an institute is initiated. Admin is able to perform all the activities with in a system.


Instructor interacts with all of the core functionalities regarding to class activities. Intructor is able to moniterize all of his/her class.


Student is the actual user for which system is prepared by performing the entire functionalities student is able to get the benefit from the system.

1.1.1- Admin roles and functionalities

Admin is able to perform the following functionalities

  • Classes registration
  • Make sections
  • Subjects registration
  • Students registration
  • Teachers registration
  • Add students to classes
  • Assign classes to teachers
  • Edit teacher and student
  • Remove teacher and student
  • Student tracking system
  • Teachers tracking system
  • Portal analysis system
  • Announcement system
  • Update time table
  • Update datasheet

We are providing all above functionalities and working to add more day by day. Complete information about and description about these functions is explained below.Once the system is ready to make an action admin need to create complete system for the institutes. First of all admin will create classes and assign subjects to those classes, create sections for all the classes, students and teachers registration etc.

Home Page--

Admin Panel

Admin dashboard

After feeding up the complete data we have provided a dashboard system in the home screen of admin panel where from admin is able to see

  • Total students
  • Total teachers
  • Total classes
  • Total sections

From the dashboard admin is able to see traffic coming at monthly basis from the institute, also able to see traffic list categorizing in students and teachers with traffic analysis.

1.1.2- Instructor roles and functionalities

Instructor interacts with all of the core functionalities regarding to class activities. Let’s have a look at the major functionalities of the instructor

  • Upload and managing course outlines
  • Class announcements system
  • Attendance management system
  • Daily diary and diary tracking system
  • List for enrolled students
  • File sharing system
  • File sharing system

An instructor is able to perform all above mentioned functionalities lets explain about these functionalities. Once teacher is registered, admin will assign subjects to this instructor and now teacher have complete grip to perform all above mentioned functions to the class. For the first time dealing with a class teacher is able to upload outlines for weekly plans, for monthly or at yearly basis. We have added announcement system to make any kind of class announcement like “Exams are near” and also able to track history of the announcements. This history will be saved until the end of the class. After the end of the classes all the activities would be removed from the class.

Attendance management system enable an instructor to mark day by day attendance for the enrolled students in the class also you are able to see the history and report for attendance of the working class. Diary system enables an instructor to write diary for the daily basis for a class and complete history for the class. Teacher is able to edit and update the diary but not able to remove or delete. Communication system enables teacher to communicate with the student for the register class. In the other hand file sharing system allows teacher to upload files to the single or multiple classes.

1.1.3- Student role and functionalities

Student is the actual user for which system is prepared by performing the entire functionalities student is able to get the benefit from the system. Whenever class outline is updated student is able to see the updated course outline in the course box.

There are only two functions that a student which are listed here
  • Communication system
  • Testing submissions system

Student is only able to perform the above functions at the system. All the other functions shown in the student portal are controlled by admin or teacher/ instructor.

2- System Limitation and boundaries

There are some limitations and boundaries involving in our system that are listed in the following

  • This system is web system and is not able to operate without internet or at desktop.
  • There is no any kind of visitor panel for the institute like a website etc.
  • r the institute like a website etc. No any user is able to register it self
  • Teachers are not able to join courses itself
  • Only admin is responsible to update time table and datasheets for all the classes
  • Students cannot directly interact with other students
  • Teachers cannot interact with other teachers
  • All functionality is controlled by admin system control decreases from admin to student
  • Student has least functionality control

3- Budget & Scheduling

Zactra is providing a complete enterprise system with different modules like finance, HR, payroll, Student portal, admission system and many more but all of them we are providing student portal for free of cost.

“There is no any implementation cost for the student portal this is free of cost”.

We are providing a secure platform to standardize our educational institutes. To implement other modules like HR System, Financial System that deals with in flow and out flow of case dealing with complete assets, expenses and liabilities, Need to pay according to module.

4- Future Plans

The basic idea behind to build this system is to provide a centralize platform to all the educational institute where they can interact with one another and they can see what's going on in other institutes near to their area like new innovation in institutes, Road trips moved to technology, adopted an ERP etc.
In this way education standard is increased and this promotes innovation in our education system.

5- Pre- requisites

There are some requirements before implementing student portal in an institute some of them are listed bellow

  • Sum of total user must be greater than 500.
  • Availability of active internet connection to run student portal application
  • A data entry operator to enter information
  • An assistant from the institute for our team to communicate.
  • No hardware requirements
  • No Existing software requirements
  • Our system is able to operate at both platform like mobile and web there must have some android phone or computers to control class activities

6- Training and sessions

Student portal is a big software system that must have a training session to understand it. So, we are providing training sessions but this is not free of cost. You must have to pay for each training session. We are already providing complete system for free so this is all we can do for free, all the training sessions would be arranged by the institute.
In the other hand we are also providing our online community where you can ask any of the question and we will answer your question. We are providing a blog where all problems with solutions, discussions and system enhancements are updated at daily basis, so you can also get your training from there.

Let Have a Demo!

Demo accounts Details are in the following

URL : https://blackboard.zactra.com/admin/
Username : blackboard_demo
Password : DemoPassword
Read Our Blogs to see how to operate it.

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