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There are major discussions about that what to do once we have got our login and we want to get start with Blackboard- Zactra. There is very simple answer for this discussions is that, lets get start using it, before it, I am telling you where to start using it.

**** ADMIN ROLES ****

1- Go to https://www.blackboard.zactra.com/admin/singin/

2- Now navigate to Scheduling menu to the left side bar.

3- Now you have different tabs in your screen. Before using theme let me know you want is system process or how system can be initiated.

*** Create classes for your institute but before registration you must have registered subject to go to subjects tab and register all the subjects which are thought in your institute, eg Chemistry, Physics etc.

*** Now create sections for your classes in sections tab.

*** Register your instructors or teachers for your institute.

*** Assign subjects from different departments to your teachers.

*** Now register all of your students to the class in which you want to enroll them.

*** Once you have registered all of your students to the classes and all subjects are assigned to the instructors now you need to show these subjects to the student panel, in order to do this you must need to enroll students in all the subjects.

*** To enroll students to classes just scroll down your scheduling page to bottom and in the first tab choose class to whom you want to enroll now selects its sections from the listed sections, all the registered students would be listed there along with their statuses. just choose students and enroll them.
learn more at this link. https://bit.ly/2Wcm63F

4- After scheduling process you can check all of your teachers in My Teachers side menu and your students in My students in side menu with their complete details.

5- You can upload your time tables and datasheets for your institute in given sidebar menus.

See teachers and students roles and functionalities in our other blogs.

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