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Student enrollment is a process when a student is able to see all his/her enrolled subjects.
There are four possibilities while enrolling a student let discuss all of them

** Enrollment Required
** Already Enrolled
** Partial Enrolled
** Something Went Wrong

Let discuss one by one all of above starting from Enrollment Required,
When a student is newly registered , he/she need to register his/her all subject where he/she has to study, its mean that student need to enroll in all subjects that why we see status of Enrollment Required.

If student is enrolled in some of classes and not enrolled in all of classes its mean student is not fully enrolled and you see status partial enrolled.

If student if enrolled all of his/he subjects thats mean that student do not need any kind of enrollment so you see status already enrolled.

There is a possibility that student may b not enrolled in all subject or may be enrolled in all subjects and some of previous subjects are also added of anything which should not be there so you see status Something Went Wrong.

Now Lets discuss solutions for all problems.
There is very simple solution for all the problem just select students and enroll if enrollment required or partial enrolled and if you see something please remove enrollment for all the students by selecting students and enroll again.

I hope this blog proved helpful for all of you.

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